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3 Ways You Can Use Glassdoor For Social Media in 2019

Glassdoor as a marketing tool? Okay, stay with us. We know what you're thinking, "What does Glassdoor have to do with our social media/advertising presence?" Glassdoor is an awesome platform where current or former employees can anonymously review companies. There are a variety of ways to use Glassdoor to your advantage when marketing your company on social media. Use this platform to get ahead of the competition and find top talent in the area. Can you say win-win? *high five* Let's take a closer look at what Glassdoor is all about and how you should be using it for your benefit.

Tell us more about Glassdoor.

Take a look at four fast facts about Glassdoor:

  • Glassdoor has nearly 64 million monthly users. (expandedramblings)

  • There are 50million reviews, salaries & insights company reviews on Glassdoor. (glassdoor)

  • 62% of Glassdoor visitors are millennials. (expandedramblings)

  • Glassdoor's mission is to help people everywhere find a job and company they love. (glassdoor)

How can we use Glassdoor?

  1. Visit the 'Glassdoor for Employer's' page. Click the [Sign Up] button and set up your free account.

  2. Glassdoor will then ask you to fill out the basic information form regarding your company.

  3. Verify that you are a representative of the company by checking the box.

  4. Wait...the process can take up to three business days.

How can we use this platform to our advantage?

We're so happy you asked! Here are three solid ways you can use your Glassdoor for marketing purposes

  1. People want to work with nice companies. It's true. People want to work for companies that they know treat their employees well. Show off how cool your company is by sharing the experiences of your employees on social media. If you have an awesome work culture, show the social media community. It's a great way to tell your company story. Social media users respond well to companies who have happy employees.

  2. Address the bad comments. Hey, not all of us are perfect. You may get bad reviews and it's important to protect your social image by interacting with not just the positive, but also the negative comments. This shows your company is human and truly cares about what others think. Your company is listening and that is an important quality in any business in any industry.

  3. Show off your company's personality. Something that is really cool about Glassdoor is you can upload photos of your company and showcase what your company is like internally. Transparency is key and Glassdoor is the perfect spot to show tons of viewers why your company is a cool spot. People want to see the faces behind the brand because frankly, people can relate to people. Notice how Grubhub uses company photos to show what their offices have to offer, what their teams are doing, and why it's a cool place to be. Great job, Grubhub! *applause*

Glassdoor has a bunch of users exploring what companies have to offer, and they're not just job seekers. People want to work with honest, relatable companies and Glassdoor is a perfect way to engage with users. Use your Glassdoor activity for social media purposes by showcasing your favorite reviews. Let people know why you are an awesome company by signing up and keeping your Glassdoor company page up-to-date.

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