• Carly Akerly

5 Best Marketing Blogs Now: [2019]

A well-thought out digital strategy plan stems from industry and technical knowledge. Although classes and books help, it is not required. There are countless marketing resources at your fingertips that can be simply found by a quick Google search. Follow these 5 marketing blogs to stay updated on social media, digital, and content marketing.

1.) HubSpot is the marketing, sales, agency, and customer success content blog with an overwhelming amount of information. HubSpot has over 400,000 subscribers and attracts more than 4.5 million monthly visitors. The platform is filled with well-research, in-depth articles. For beginners and marketers needing a quick refresher, the HubSpot blog includes important 'How-To' and 'Quick Tips' articles that are under 10 minutes to read. Trending articles include:

2.) Shopify has a collection of industry news and business articles to keep you informed. Although Shopify does not post as often as HubSpot, the articles are charged with excellent data and business information. The easy-to-read blog posts are great for anyone in the business world. Trending articles include:

3.) Adweek highlights the latest TV and advertising news from 3 unique news sources including AgencySpy, TySpy and TvNewser. Leading articles are curated into one place: The steady stream of updates and expert writes provide subscribers with powerful articles to keep them well-connected. If you are interested in advertising and television news, this is the blog for you. Trending articles include:

4.) Business2Community shares thought leadership, digital marketing, sales, and social media news and trends. The unique part of Business2Community is the blogging community with content from over 10,000 expert contributors. Business2Community provides an open community for business professionals to gain exposure and communicate their ideas. Trending articles include:

5.) Buffer is a leading social media scheduler serving more than 75,000 customers across the globe. The blog includes relevant social media research, analytics, and strategies for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other networking platforms. Are you looking for guides and tutorials? provides resources for beginners to expert-level marketers. Trending articles include:

In the world of digital marketing, educational and learning resources are essential to successfully executing a marketing plan. Use well-researched articles to guide your digital marketing approach and tweak your current methods. If you are looking to implement new ideas into your marketing plan, you are not alone! There are millions of informative articles on the web that can assist you with your strategy execution. These 5 resources will provide you with a great starting point in discovering new research and learning industry trends.

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