• Carly Akerly

5 Reasons Why You Need to be On LinkedIn

We cannot emphasize the importance of LinkedIn, but alas, there are still people out there that do not find LinkedIn to be nearly as critical. With over 500 million professionals on LinkedIn, there is no denying that LinkedIn is the leading platform for professionals to network. There must be a way to emphasize just how essential LinkedIn is so we comprised our top five reasons why you need to be on LinkedIn.

1.) Your competitors are.

Just think, if you are not on LinkedIn there are people out there who are using it. Those people are your friends, family, and even your competitors. You can scope out the competition or notify your network with your business happenings. When your customers do a LinkedIn search for you, it is vital that you have an updated page for the viewer to explore. If you are not appearing in the search, we can guarantee that your competitors are.

2.) You can connect with your colleagues, clients, and leads.

Throw your rolodex out the door because all of your colleagues, clients, and prospects are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with important industry professionals. Did you meet someone fascinating at a networking event recently? Send that professional a quick connection so you can stay-in-touch! Don't worry about holding on to a pesky business card when you have LinkedIn to track professionals of interest.

3.) Opportunities, opportunities, & more opportunities.

Are you looking for a new opportunity? LinkedIn has various features to find the perfect job for you. Track specific jobs, enter your career interests, or simply browse what is out there by visiting the 'Jobs' tab on LinkedIn. There is an entire section devoted to employers looking for talented individuals at your fingertips. Just like LinkedIn says, "you dream job's just a search away...".

4.) Set yourself apart.

LinkedIn is essentially a digital copy of your professional resume. Show people how awesome you are by sharing your achievements, awards, and other accomplishments that you've made in your professional career. LinkedIn allows you to share your experience, education, certifications, and more! It may sound time consuming, but LinkedIn provides quick tutorials making it easy to customize your page. Share your achievements with the world!

5.) Help rank your name on Google.

Have you googled yourself lately? If no, take a minute to run a quick Google search. Google Let employers find you easily by creating a LinkedIn profile. Notice when I did a quick search of 'Carly Akerly', LinkedIn is the first link to pop up. Maintaining an active profile with relevant information will only help your Google search appearance.

Whether you are a freelancer or a CEO, having a LinkedIn account will only benefit your professional career. Even for those who are not so tech savvy, LinkedIn is extremely user friendly and that's why two new users join every second. Join the extensive LinkedIn community today by creating a LinkedIn profile!

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