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5 Tips to LinkedIn Marketing in 2019

LinkedIn: the home of over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. Known as the leading professional social networking site, LinkedIn requires consistency and engaging content to drive years of ROI for your business. Grow your audience efficiently and effectively by implementing these 5 tips into your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

1.) Develop a Content Calendar

Growing your LinkedIn following cannot be achieved without a driving content strategy. Before you begin posting, develop a roadmap of content so you can plan ahead. Would you drive a car without knowing how to get to your destination? That would make getting to your destination far more complicated and ultimately waste your time. The same thing goes for a content calendar!

2.) Post Consistently

Posting at the right time is just as important as posting the right content. Oberlo provides a great guide to the best posting times for LinkedIn. Check it out here! It is said that the best times to post on LinkedIn is between 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and the best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Weekends and after working hours are the worst times to post on LinkedIn. Use these guidelines to pull the trigger on your posts.

3.) Embed Rich Media in Posts

Did you know that including photos increases the comment rate by 98 percent? Move your page from static to dynamic by incorporating videos and images in your LinkedIn updates. Draw attention to your update by adding an interesting picture or video. Don't know what types of visuals to post? Try posting photos about your company culture, motivational images, or infographics.

4.) Customize Your URL

This may sound like an easy one, but it is highly important to have a customized URL for your LinkedIn profile. How do you do this exactly? Easy! Let's take a quick look at how to customize your URL on LinkedIn. Head to your LinkedIn page by visiting your profile. As you can see from the screenshot below, there is an option to the right of your page that states 'Edit public profile & URL'. Select this section.

Now, let's edit your URL. After you select the 'Edit public profile & URL', LinkedIn will take you to the screen below. On the right side of the page, there is a tiny pencil icon that you can select. Once selected, you can customize your LinkedIn URL! This will make it much easier for users to find you on LinkedIn. Typically, you want to put your first and last name. If the URL is already taken, try adding a number or a middle initial to your URL.

5.) Engage With Followers

Ask questions and engage with follower. A comment should never be left hanging. The whole professional social networking platform is "social" for a reason, right? If a LinkedIn member takes the time to respond to your post, take a minute to interact. Show off your brand's personality in a warm, personable way. Using some emojis, gifs, or addressing the person by name never hurt!

From developing a content strategy to engaging with followers, these 5 tips will bring your LinkedIn experience from bland to bam! Try using these 5 points to optimize your LinkedIn profile and content strategy. There are a variety of ways to maximize your time on LinkedIn, but these pointers are a great starting point. Stand out from the typical LinkedIn user by enhancing your marketing strategy.

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