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6 Different Types of LinkedIn Content Updates: [2019]

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

If you are not already on LinkedIn, you are missing out on a professional network of over 575 million users with roughly 150 million users located in the United States alone. Posting on LinkedIn actively is essential in building a professional network that has real results. Follow these six LinkedIn update ideas to integrate into your personal or business LinkedIn content strategy.

1.) Industry News and Research

On personal LinkedIn accounts, many users simply exist on LinkedIn without updating their network. A great way to increase activity on LinkedIn is sharing leading articles specific to one's industry. For industry news, follow websites like SmartBrief which curate top industry articles for topics such as 'Business', 'Education', 'Marketing & Advertising', and 11 additional topics. Sharing industry news is a simple way to continue learning and promote well-researched articles with your professional network. Win-win!

2.) Company Updates

A great way to advertise for your company and become more active on LinkedIn, try sharing company updates with your network. Head to the bottom of the post you would like to share and select 'Share [->]'.

LinkedIn will then take you to a screen that looks just like the image below. Add a 1-2 sentence blurb to the 'Write a comment...' area highlighting the article. Attach 1-2 hashtags to optimize the post.

3.) Blog Posts

Let's promote a SociaLite Chicago blog post! To do this, go to the blog post that would you like to share or a blog post that you wrote. Copy the blog post URL and shorten the URL utilizing a URL shortening resource. Check out the SociaLite Chicago blog post highlighting the 4 Best URL Shorteners to choose the best resource that meets your needs. For this example, let's use Bitly. Once the URL is shortened, paste the new URL to the 'Start a post...' section on your LinkedIn newsfeed. LinkedIn will then create a link preview that can be shared with your network. Similar to sharing a company update, choose 1-2 sentences to preview the article and add 1-2 hashtags to optimize your post.

4.) Photo Updates

For this example, let's share the SociaLite Chicago logo and link it back to the SociaLite Chicago website for users to obtain blog subscribers. By sharing a simple photo update, followers can engage with your account by liking, commenting, or sharing the post.

5.) Achievements

Did you accomplish something new recently? Did you start a new endeavor? Share this with your professional network! Let's spread the word about the opening of SociaLite Chicago to Carly Akerly's professional network. Write a small message to entice followers, attach a link, and add 1-2 hashtags for optimization.

6.) Give Kudos

If one of your colleagues recently impressed you or went over and beyond, let them know by utilizing the 'Give Kudos' option on LinkedIn. Visit the 'Start the post...' section on your newsfeed. Notice the 'Give Kudos' option at the bottom of the post.

Select a colleague to spotlight. For this example, the colleague 'Richard O'Brien' will be used to spotlight. Recognize this colleague by selecting 'Next'.

LinkedIn gives each user 3 Kudos every week to use. Choose one of the Kudos award templates provided that most represents your colleague's accomplishment. In the example, Richard O'Brien will be recognized for going above and beyond. Once you select your preferred template, press 'Next' for the final stage of posting.

Lastly, LinkedIn provides a pre-written caption that you are able to use. If you would like to edit, make your edits then press 'Next' or simply post the Kudos without making changes.

These 6 unique content ideas are perfect for your next LinkedIn update. Join over 260 million active users and engage with the 40% of users use LinkedIn daily. Did you know that 79% of marketers see LinkedIn as a very good source of leads? There is no doubt the importance of LinkedIn on professional use and choosing to be an active user will prove essential to your digital marketing strategy.

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