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7 Brands Killing the Instagram Game in [2019]

Building an audience on Instagram can be daunting at times, but with a unique strategy, it can be made possible. Share relevant, relatable content on the Instagram platform to engage with the follower community. These 7 brands are executing an amazing Instagram strategy. Let's take a look at what they are doing and how they are making the most of their time on Instagram!

1.) WeWork

WeWork uses trending hashtags like '#sundaymotivation' to post relatable content for followers. WeWork ties in their company values by sharing positivity through their Instagram strategy. What can we learn from WeWork? Using your brand values to strategize your Instagram approach is a great way to engage with the community.

Collaborating with influencers to drive relevant content is used by WeWork to drive their Instagram strategy. Sharp photos from the community builds trust with followers and captivates followers by engaging with those who are promoting your company image.

2.) GoPro

The exciting life of GoPro makes it irresistible on social media. The company highlights an engaging 'Photo of the Day' to attract followers and communicate their message. GoPro communicates with followers by asking questions like, 'What's your preferred mode of travel transport'?

How can't you feel something when looking at these stunning images? GoPro uses images and videos directing from the GoPro community to drive their content strategy. #Reposting images and videos is a great way to engage with followers and demonstrate the capabilities of using a GoPro.

3.) Chubbies

Chubbies creates their own content by making hilarious skits to promote their brand. Chubbies uses branded content to generate awareness and create fun stories for users to connect with. What is branded content? Branded content is a marketing technique that involves creating content linked to a brand that allows consumers to make the connection with the brand. People enjoy working with brands that they feel comfortable with and make them laugh and Chubbies is executing this strategy extremely well!

Chubbies also uses content generated from brand users. Since their brand involves a retro-feel based on dads of the 70s and 80s, Chubbies uses that and runs with it. In this post, Chubbies is using an adorable photo of a dad and son wearing matching Chubbies shorts to evoke an emotional response from their followers.

4.) Dominos

Mouth. Watering. Dominos shares content that with drive followers to do something. With call-to-actions embedded in the caption, followers are prompted to make a move. Whether that me to like an image or to make an actual transaction, Dominos asks their followers to engage with their company.

Dominos would never miss #NationalCheesePizzaDay, right? It is using deliciously-filled photos that makes followers want to make an order STAT! Notice in the comments there are a few complaints regarding recent orders with Dominos. Dominos' social media team uses Instagram to field complaints and provides solutions to inconvenienced customers. This shows that customers are being listened to and communicating with their brand will provide a resolution to their problem.

5.) Airbnb

Airbnb uses an influencer strategy to promote their brand on Instagram. Notice the image below. This is an Airbnb listed in Saugerties, New York that users of Airbnb can actively book on the app. A vacation suddenly does not seem to hard to get to when a place like this can be booked within minutes of using the Airbnb app.

Can you say #views? This image was generated by two Superhosts of Airbnb. Airbnb's captions highlight things you can do in the surrounding area. Using clear, sharp images for followers to imagine as if they were actually on vacation. Each image is a unique getaway from the other and it is all made possible by using Airbnb. Great job!

6.) Taco Bell

Taco Bell takes quotes from followers to create Instagram content. For example, the quote 'you can say & do all of the right things, but you won't ever be a chalupa' is a direct quote from a follower. This creates trust with the Instagram community knowing that the content is not coming from a corporation, but someone just like them.

The content creates something bigger than just a singular post. The combined posts creates a bigger image when a user visits Taco Bell's Instagram page. The post itself is on brand and relevant, but together the Instagram posts create a mural-like image.

7.) Lego

Remember the joy of Legos as a child? Revisit your childhood by visiting the Lego Instagram page. The content Lego is putting out allows followers to reminisce and want to bring that same joy they received from playing with Legos to their children. The Instagram page is a mixture of inspiration and education. For younger followers, they can demonstrate ideas for them to use their Legos. For older followers, they are inspired to purchase Legos for their children.

The target audience for Lego are children since they are the ones that will primarily use their product, but knowing that the older generation are the ones who will make the transaction. The Lego social media marketing strategy evenly balances both target markets.

These 7 brands are absolutely killing their Instagram strategies by sharing relevant, on-brand content on their Instagram accounts. In 2018, 70.7% of U.S. companies used Instagram for marketing, and this will continue to increase over the years. Have your brand stand out on Instagram by implementing an engaging Instagram strategy that followers will connect with. Use these 7 Instagram accounts as inspiration for your Instagram strategy in 2019!

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