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How to Schedule Posts on Your Facebook Company Page

Staying ahead of scheduling is vital to a great social media marketing strategy. Instead of posting the day of each time, try scheduling out content weeks in advance with the Facebook scheduling tool offered on the platform. Many individuals don't know that this tool is offered within the platform and often use other schedulers to produce content. Whatever your method of scheduling is, try out different sources before choosing what works best for you. So, let's begin learning how to schedule content on Facebook.

If you are wondering how to make a Facebook company page, please visit our blog post "How to Create a Facebook Company Page". To begin scheduling content on your Facebook company page, visit your Facebook company page. Once you are on your Facebook company page, visit the 'Publishing Tools' option on the top toolbar. This will bring you to the scheduling center.

Your page is going to look something like the picture below. In this section, you can see all of your published posts on your company page sorted by the newest to oldest updates. Now, let's schedule your first post. Select the 'Scheduled Posts' option on the left toolbar.

Now, you are in the scheduling section of Facebook. As you can see, there are zero posts scheduled at the moment, but this will change shortly. Let's begin scheduling a post by selecting '+ Create' in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Create your post just like you would a normal Facebook update. Once completed, select the 'Schedule' button on the drop down section. If you press 'Share Now', Facebook will immediately publish your update. For this example, that is not what you want to do. Choose the 'Schedule' button and select a specific date and time to share your update.

What is really cool about this feature is you can schedule months in advance. Notice that the calendar below is September. If you want to schedule out to October, simply select the right-facing arrow to the left of 'September 2019'. In this example, the post is being scheduled on the 16th of September at 9:23AM CDT. After you select the specific date and time for your post to be published, select 'Schedule' on the big blue bar.

Ta, da! You did it. Your post is now scheduled for the exact date and time you chose. All of your scheduled posts will be stored in this section and sorted by ascending order.

Don't worry about posting an update on a specific date when you can schedule it out weeks in advance. It takes pressure off of you because you don't need to send out the update in real time. Organize your upcoming updates by continually scheduling posts in this section. The scheduling feature on Facebook is an absolute lifesaver and should be used to stay organized, remain active on Facebook, and communicate effectively with your followers. Gather content ahead of time and select when you want to share with the Facebook scheduling feature!

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