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The 4 Best Link Shorteners: [2019]

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Ahhh, the joy of reposting a relevant article and BAM, the dreaded 90 character URL link appears. Suddenly, the article you want to share has a URL that is half of the post character limit on Twitter. What to do now? Have no fear, these four link shorteners have you covered.

1.) Bitly is a free and versatile link shortening resource. Utilizing Bitly will make URLs consistent across all platforms. Bitly has a comprehensive dashboard that shows important performance metrics unique to each link. Bitly users can view metrics such as click-through-rate, geographical information, referrers, and more. Simply copy and paste your long URL, select 'Create', and copy your new, shortened Bitly URL link. Did you know that business using Bitly receive 34% more clicks?


The beauty of is that the worlds of social media management and URL shortening collide. is integrated into the social media scheduler, Take a look at the screenshot below. Notice how is shortened to an link on the right-hand side. Using this shortened link, users can measure social ROI and measure traffic. Did we mention that is free?

3.) was developed by, another social media management platform. Get in-depth analytics on your social media performance while scheduling relevant content. Gather meaningful stats from your social content at your fingertips. If you utilize, is the URL shortener for you.

4.) offers various flexible plans to meet any business' needs. Plans range from a free version to a $599/month business plan depending on what you desire. For example, the business plan contains 500,000 unique links, 50 users, and access to a full support team. Meanwhile, the free version include 1,000 unique links, 1 user, and unlimited URL redirects. No matter what URL shortening plan you need, has it for you.

It's no secret that shortened URLs are more appealing to users, but the data extracted from utilizing URL shortening tools is marketing gold. Don't waste your time posting long, overdone URL links without data tracking tools. By using one of these amazing URL shortening resources, your marketing strategy will be far more efficient than ever before.

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